14 Mar I have found file with the dimensions of the “die” part of this bender on this page. Here are some plans and photos to build a jig to turn AK flats into bent receivers. Credit goes to the original author, which isn’t me. Megaupload. 23 May I find I understand a gun a lot more if I actually build one and see how it works on the nuts and bolt level. I wanted to make my own th jig like.

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It is fun setting up shop. What type of steel do I need to use to build this. I have found the. Search for these group names and you will find them. Probably worried someone might think he was making illegal firearms.

One note, get e-drawing viewer and look at every dimension in the plans, I only looked at the tiff image and initially thought the height of the jig was 1. Just wondering if anyone has made or use the jig block by th? Many accounts are deleted kig because the person registering didn’t follow directions during the registration process.

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Going forward if you want it public, then it will be public. Can anybody give me the dimensions of the base. Jg the Kinkos here you sit down at the PC and run everything.

I would first like to thank th for his awesome receiver jig plans, they worked great for me. Reset My Password This will send a password reset to your email address on file. After lightly clamping them together and aligning everything I welded on the end pieces, giving me perfect spacing.

I plan to jiig all tooling if possible Regards, Andy.

Wow, still the same price! PM me your email address – I’ve got something that may work.

If you are building a 1mm flat, then the box part of the jig needs to be 2mm wider than the 1. Have you read about our new blue star program? He’s a pretty nice guy and if you called him, he’d probably give you the dimensions you wanted. To be honest my design is old school and was made for the only flats available at the time which were Tapco. You’ve done an awesome job Quarterbore! The base is just made from two pieces of 2″ angle iron spaced with the die and two flats, one on each side.

5555th To be jkg my design is th jig school and was made for the only flats available at the time which were Tapco. I’m interested but not at all knowledgeable.


th bending jig for sale – The AK Files Forums

Do NOT use your email address as your jif Unless you really want it public and like spam, do not use your full email address as your board username. I’m going to pass out your site address to some friends.

Figure out your own fucking steel and heats. The drawing looks great! Any thoughts on dimensions?


I bought one from Sluggermn quite a while ago, have bent two or three dozen without a problem. How come you haven’t registered?

Oct Member Location: I always send a link with instructions on use of the jig and also how to place the locating pins if you so desire to do so. I prefer you e-mail me I check that 2 to 3 times a day and you will get a faster response.

BB code is On. So with th jig No.

You can change this information once your account is approved. Options Quote message in reply? If you plan on using AK-Builder flats. How critical are the Dimensions for the Jig?