View and Download ABB ACS user manual online. ACS Inverter pdf manual download. Document library, contact your local ABB representative. FENA/ Ethernet adapter module user’s manual ACS, ACS and ACS ABB ACS Users Guide – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read book ACS Drives 22 kW 30 HP User’s Manual.

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Reference trimming In reference trimming, the external reference is corrected depending on the measured value of a secondary application variable.

Control can also be switched to speed control manuwl a digital input. Constant speed activation overrides the external speed reference. Status line The top line of the LCD display shows the basic status information of the drive. Page Drive control parameters After the fieldbus communication has been set up, the drive control parameters listed in the table below should be checked and adjusted where necessary.

ABB ACS – kW V 3ph to 3ph – AC Inverter Drive Speed Controller – AC Inverter Drives (V)

Parameter Mode Parameter mode In the Parameter mode, you can: Relay output RO is activated. See section Flux Braking page External Fault External Faults 1 and 2 can be supervised by defining one digital input as a source for an external fault indication signal. The installation must always be designed and made according to applicable local laws and regulations. Definition of motor set-up data.

Counts up Counter direction selection through digital input DI1. When the motor speed exceeds the sleep level, the counter is reset. The requirements are easily met with a copper or aluminium shield.

Page 71 How to start, stop and switch between local and remote manuwl You can start, stop and switch between local and remote control in any mode.

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The supervision functions operate on a 2 ms time level. Counter Sequence programming can be applied in simple mixer applications as well as in more complicated traverse applications. Make sure that the machinery into which the drive with brake control function is integrated fulfills the personnel safety regulations.

Therefore, Flux Braking can be used both for stopping the motor and for changing the speed.

Brake resistors ACS drives have an internal brake chopper as standard equipment. No alarms are on. How to start, stop and switch between local and remote control You can start, stop and switch between local and remote control in any mode. See chapter Technical data for the rated currents. It is speed controlled but the line tension also needs to be taken into account: Fault Logger mode In the Fault Logger mode, you can: Timer start by rising edge of digital input DI1.

Make sure that dust from drilling does not enter the drive during the installation. A listing of ABB sales, support and service contacts can be found by navigating to www.

ABB ACS350 – 0.75kW 400V 3ph to 3ph – AC Inverter Drive Speed Controller with Keypad

How to set the speed, frequency or torque reference Step Action Display Go to the Main menu by pressing if you are in the Output mode, The motor model is now calculated by magnetizing the motor for 10 to 15 s at zero manul. Page Fieldbus control with embedded fieldbus Parameter mode In the Parameter mode, you can: Function Codes Function codes Supported function codes for the holding 4xxxx register are: TORQ is suitable for torque control applications. The communication profile on the fieldbus network depends on the type of the connected adapter.


The construction of frame sizes R0…R4 varies to some extent. Parameters Mode Select the appropriate parameter with keys. Page 72 Output mode In the Output mode, you can: Jogging The jogging function is typically used to control a cyclical movement of a machine section.

The update time for the frequency input is 50 ms. Below is a simple wiring diagram example. Press key to switch In remote control, the acw350 display shows text REM. Page ST8 error state: Ratings Current and power The current and power ratings are given below. Dimensions Dimensional drawings of the ACS are shown below.

Example The drive runs a conveyor line. Fieldbus adapter is connected to drive terminal X3. Page Fieldbus control with embedded fieldbus What this chapter contains The chapter describes how the drive can be controlled by external devices over a communication network using mannual fieldbus.

In qcs350 Copy mode, you can do the following: Page 32 – Selecting the power cables Page 33 – Motor cable shield Page 34 – Protecting the relay output contact and The Setting for fieldbus control column gives the value to use when the fieldbus interface is the desired source or destination for that particular signal.

Constant speeds are selected with digital inputs.

If not, contact an ABB representative. However, it might be useful at this stage to set the parameters required by your application and save the settings as a user macro as instructed in section