21 Oct 2 ABB Motors and Generators | Low voltage motor manual cubierta del ventilador del motor aparecen en el catálogo de productos o en los máquinas eléctricas da ABB, utilizadas como motores ou geradores. Additional documentation. You will find all information material, such as brochures, catalogs, manuals and operating instructions for standard drive systems. Contact us. ABB Motors and Mechanical Inc. R.S. Boreham Jr Street P.O. Box Fort Smith, AR Phone: Fax:

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For continuous operation regreasing nipples should be considered. Events Customer events Investor events Media events.

It is highly resistant to temperature as well as to electricoz peaks, and it includes an additional protection of the auxiliary contact of contactor. The ABB Group of companies operates in around countries and employs aroundpeople. Contact information What would you like to do?

catalogo motores abb

The air gap has to be readjusted to its eectricos value when the wear of the lining reaches the readjustment value Xn stated in table 1.

New service provides visual inspection of the stator core, rotor core and winding without the need to remove the rotor. NA Rating and instruction plates 1 Restamping voltage, frequency, and output. Please select country from the list below. Extended cable connection, low terminal box. Lubrication Variable speed operation affects on the bearing temperature, which must be taken into account when selecting the lubrication method and grease cataolgo.


For detailed drawings please see our web-site www. Drain holes catalkgo plugs. As companies digitize, mktores and more are demanding real-time catalogo motores electricos abb and analysis of operational data What if every switchgear can become smart?

Brake motor with voltage code D for the motor and separate supply of the brake for voltage corresponding to code S.

For more exact dimensional data, please check the specific drawing for each catalog. Cable lugs, 6 terminals. The two bullets in the product code indicate choice of mounting arrangement, voltage and frequency see ordering information page. With a frequency converter — a variable speed drive VSD — the motor will deliver even electricso value. Motor delivered with half-key key not exceeding shaft material. Motors are foot-mounted IM B3 version with force directed sideways.

Torque value marked on rating plate corresponding to the braking torque when the brake motor leaves the ABB factory. Terminal box on right-hand side, seen from D-end.

In CSR motors it is also important that the capacitor is discharged before the voltage is reconnected, as otherwise the electrios relay will not connect the starter capacitor. Lower than standard terminal box and rubber extended cable, length 2 m included. Terminal box Motor supplied in D-connection. The integral motor is delivered as an integrated, ready-to-use unit equipped with a brake, separate ventilation, or any other selected variants. Box Santiago Tel: This option is available on request.

Lower than standard terminal box and rubber extended cable. Go to myABB Logout.

Contact information What would you like to do? Internal bearing cover, locked at D-end. Box Carmelitas, Caracas A Tel: The lubrication intervals and quantity are stated in catallgo maintenance manual which comes with the motor. Angular contact ball bearing at N-end, shaft force towards bearing. Friends cataloogo PDF all our visitors are our friends.

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Motors protected against water jets 6: The silencer is painted blue and is made of 2 mm steel sheet.


Restamping to output for class F temperature rise. Feet Electricoz Aluminum1 alloy, bolted to the Cast iron stator. Corrosion protected stator and rotor core.

Code letters for supplementing product code for mounting arrangement: ABB has what it takes to help every industry and application reach new levels of efficiency and energy savings even under the most demanding conditions.

Motor, terminal box and brake electrical components: In case of transport locked bearing, motor sizes to are provided with a warning sign. I need more information ABB Sales. To enable us sbb supply suitable terminations for the motor please state cable type, cztalogo and size when ordering. Single phase motors are used in many industries and for many purposes. With our transfer switches, you are never left in the dark. Non-standard design of terminal boxes; e.

For more demanding applications the use of ABB Process performance motors is recommended. Please check technical construction with ABB.