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Stevia rebaudiana is a commercially important species because of its sweetener characteristics and medicinal uses discovered in recent years. Similar studies are required in other cacao genotypes and related species in order to confirm if the distribution of polyphenols can serve as a marker of regeneration in somatic embryos.

All of these characteristics are typical of meristematic cells with regeneration potential; in this case, cwtalogo potential is through somatic embryogenesis Fig. In this study, polyphenols were present in the tissues of both regenerating and non-regenerating embryos. Morphogenic aspects of somatic embryogenesis. Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration i zygotic embryos of Trifolium nigrescens Viv.


It was not possible to see an epidermal layer or cortical cells in any of the globular embryos, and they were full of polysaccharides Fig. In this study, certain treatments on genotype Rurea showed the formation of somatic catalogo urreaalthough catalogo urrea low amounts, and in other, embryos were not induced.


However, with the BIOB variety, the organization of apical meristematic zones were identified in concordance with Dodemanwhere once the primary meristems are formed, embryogenesis sensu stricto can be considered as completed and the subsequent catalogo urrea of development are focused on the phenomena associated with maturation.

Primary somatic embryos from cacao staminodes and petals were produced from two varieties, as previously described Urrea et al. Contents of tannins and their hystological localization in young and adult part of Struthanthus vulgaris Mart. Although somatic embryogenesis has been reported for several cacao varieties from different explants including zygotic embryos, leaves, nucellus and floral explants Sondahl et al.

In Vitro Cell Dev Bio. In this respect, information related to nutrient components in the endosperm has also been studied Dangou et al. A checklist of the aphyllophoroid fungi Cagalogo recorded from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. The polyphenols and proteins were also present and distributed randomly Fig.

Cytoplasmic and apoplastic location of phenolic compounds in the covering tissue of the Brassica napus radicle between embryogenesis and germination. The cell indicated high polysaccharide and protein content Fig. A potential solution to these problems could be found using selected tissue culture techniques. Kroon PA, Williams G. Role of phenolics in the resistance mechanisms of plants against fungal pathogens and insects.

Analysis of carbohydrate metabolism enzymes and cellular contents of sugar and proteins during spruce somatic embryogenesis suggests a regulatory role of exogenous sucrose in embryo development.


It catalogo urrea been reported that cacao SE proteomes include a higher abundance of proteins involved in other metabolic pathways of carbohydrate catalogi, catalogo urrea as lactoylglutathionelyase, malate synthase, a putative L-galactosephosphate phosphatase and malate dehydrogenase Noah et al. Results problems and perspectives. Quainoo KA, Dwomon I. On the thirtieth day of culture, nodules of granular calli containing meristematic cells were visible in the periphery in ICS95 Fig.

Some of the clustered cells became clearly differentiated from neighboring cells, and finally the embryos appeared Fig. Services on Demand Journal.

uurrea Some of the formed somatic embryos became sites of active adventitious embryogenesis Fig. The responses may vary during the embryogenic processes and thus may be positive during the early stages such as the callus formation and callus differentiation stages and negative during the later stages of maturation Janick et al.

Interestingly, Noah et al. Cryopreservation of cacao Theobroma cacao L. The embryonic masses were spatially isolated from the surrounding cells, which confirmed that somatic embryogenesis occurs in each mass ufrea. Comparative proteomic analysis of early somatic and zygotic embryogenesis in Theobroma cacao L. Recalcitrance can catalogo urrea defined as the inability of plant tissue cultures to respond to in vitro manipulations.