Cause Celeb—the critically acclaimed debut novel from a writer with a boundless grasp of the existential and the uproarious—has just landed in America. Synopsis. Cause Celeb is the debut novel from Helen Fielding, the bestselling author of Bridget Jones’s Diary. Disillusioned by her glitzy life in London and her . Disillusioned with life as a literary publicist in London and sick of her hotshot TV presenter boyfriend, twenty-something Rosie Richardson decides to.

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So Rosie decides that she has to take matters into her own hands. For some reason, “Cause Celeb” didn’t hit the public consciousness in quite the same way as “Bridget Jones’ Cauee did, so Fielding had to wait for the huge success she was to have.

Cause Celeb by Helen Fielding

These people carry out cekeb according to their understanding of the situation and follow the whims of their personalities, motivated by various combinations of sacrifice, self-interest, vanity and compassion It isa little after “Live Aid” and Rosie Richardson is stuck in a less than perfect relationship with Oliver Marchant, a TV personality and a not terribly nice chap.

Also lots of characters that just didn’t matter and never got developed. However, much of jelen is well paced enough that you can imagine many of the circumstances as hleen and this is certainly one of the more realistic examples of a chick-lit novel that I’ve read. Showing of 71 reviews. Read more Read less. Oct 24, Emily Dahl rated it liked it. Didn’t really matter but whatever it made sense to have Rosie stuck in the cycle of celebrity and love. Rosie can take control at the refugee camp, travel through warzones, deal with death everyday and yet Oliver still causes her to lose her footing years later.

I thought this was interesting because instead of the protagonist working for a fashion magazine, she works vielding a refugee camp in Africa.

But i don’t know anymore. Be the first to discover new talent!

Populated by larger-than-life characters from London’s West End and the unsung heroes toiling anonymously on the Continent, Cause Celeb is a cunning and poignant tale that discloses the romantic underpinnings of life and love in the 21st century. She seemed like a good fieldlng, and I could relate to her belief This book is about Rosie, who, after finally breaking up with her emotionally abusive boyfriend, Oliver, goes to do relief work in Africa.



Unfortunately, however, God has given women an inbuilt irresistible urge to insist on knowing where their relationships are going, and to force their partners to discuss the matter at length whenever they are late for something.

In a final, inspired act of desperation, the former publicity flak miraculously pulls off an international appeal with results that far surpass anything she had imagined. Rosie Richardson, in an almost unbelievable transformation from puffette a publicist in a publishing company to running a refugee camp in Africa entertains with her honest voice.

For whatever reason the combining of the two different styles just didn’t work for me. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Parts of it read like a typical chick lit novel and the other parts showed a serious side, tackling the issue of famine in Africa.

Not likely to find many fans this side of the Atlantic.

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I really don’t think this book deserves such a low rating. Books of the Week. It was not as humorous as in BJD because this time, the female lead was really into a bad relationship and it was well portrayed.

As locusts threaten to destroy the area’s crops, Rosie decides the only hope is for her to return to London and try and convince celebrities from her ‘former life’, including Oliver, to help her raise money. The Edge of Reason to the top of bestseller lists and forever altered the vocabulary of dating, Fielding executes a remarkable spoof on the altruistic endeavors of commoners and celebrities alike as they unite to combat the horror of famine and neglect in Africa.

As this is written by the author of Bridget Jones, perhaps this will get ecleb people interested in supporting international causes, or at least aware of them.

I so wanted to like this book but I just After working as a literary publicist in London and dating a famous television personality, Rosie Richardson decides she is sick of the glitz and glamour and superficial people.

This review may also appear, in whole or in part, under my name at any or all of www. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Much better to be slightly at a disadvantage; so much more fun that way…Much better to have those passionate, tantalizing thrills than endless boring TV suppers, sitting snuggled on the sofa in jeans and an old cardi, not caring what you looked like because inside you were so sure he loved you just for you.


Outstandingly true to life, it reminds me of several other real-life foreign-aid disasters like the tons of food rotting at their sundry delivery points, because there was no way to distribute the items to the areas where they were needed. This is the debut novel of Helen Fielding, author of the Bridget Jones series. During her absence from London, her celebrity ‘friends’ have forgotten her.

I found something a bit more serious, some sad descriptions of a famished country in Africa I keep reading about poor, poor Africa!! Please try again later. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Rosie Richardson, a frothy young woman trapped in the cauldron of the publishing world, finds herself involved in a dysfunctional relationship with TV personality Oliver Marchant, a Teflon-coated Romeo who slips in and out of her life with greater frequency than she’d like.

I seriously didn’t like any of the characters in this book. There is also very little humor or romance in this book.

Acuse stubborn government regimes turn a blind eye to the dangers facing the village, the relief workers’ helej for food and assistance are ignored, and fever cele calamity run rampant, forcing Rosie to return to London and enlist the help of her former lover and the motley crew of friends they once shared.

Every time I read something by this author i get mad at some topics that are brought in even when it’s clear as day that the author knows what she’s doing she knows that her characters are wrong on such or such thing. Their doctor Betty is due to leave the camp to be replaced by the American Robert O’Rourke, who worked with nurse Linda previously in Chad and, perhaps, has a relationship with her.