Le diverticule de Meckel est un résidu embryologique présent chez 2 % de la population générale. Comme un «appendice iléal», il est le plus souvent. 23 oct. Image en medicine. Le diverticule de Meckel est une anomalie congénitale résultant d’une résorption incomplète du canal. Raziel ××8 ( bytes) Représentation artistique du diverticule de Meckel sur une portion d’intestin grêle. Auteur: ~~~~ Date.

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Consequently, once diagnosis has been evoked, imaging studies must be performed, and especially CT-scan, in order to determine the type of obstruction, its mechanism and its severity.

Recurrent torsion of a diverticule de meckel Meckel’s diverticulum. Therefore, during appendectomy, ileum should be checked for the presence of Meckel’s diverticulum, if it is found to be present it should be removed along with appendix. Bowel obstruction after laparoscopic gastric bypass has been frequently reported.

Meckel’s diverticulum

Despite these minor remarks, this video has a scientific value in demonstrating a safe approach to a small bowel obstruction related to a single band, which is, in diverticule de meckel case, very safely resected. Usually, the recommendation is to start the exploration at the level of the caecum and to mobilize the whole non-dilated bowel in order to prevent a diverticule de meckel of bowel injury during this manipulation.

This page was last edited on 13 Mayat This video shows a Roux-en-Y alimentary jejunostomy in a year-old patient who had had symptoms of maniac and depressive psychosis and who had tried to commit suicide by drinking a cleaning product.


Acute small bowel obstruction due to bands or adhesions.

CT-scan with oral administration of gastrografin showed signs of intestinal obstruction and adhesions were suspected. Create your WebSurg account It is free of charge! No resection was necessary.

Annular pancreas Accessory pancreas Johanson—Blizzard syndrome Pancreas divisum. Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery. British Journal of Surgery Society Ltd. Small bowel obstruction is a pathology commonly found in the current practice of surgical emergencies.

One can also focus on the value of working diverticule de meckel meckkel high quality camera, which diverticule de meckel the surgeon the possibility to diverticule de meckel evaluate the vitality of the small bowel after an ischemic period, which is well demonstrated in this video.

In other hands, many patients have co-morbidities, and consequently it is key to work with a low intra-abdominal pressure to prevent any conversion for pneumoperitoneum intolerance. Rarely, a Meckel’s diverticulum containing ectopic pancreatic tissue can present with abdominal pain and increased serum amylase levels, mimicking acute pancreatitis.

Divertixule memory aid is the rule of 2s: Search for your WebSurg account Enter your username and your email address to reset your password: This is absolutely mandatory. The authors report a case of diverticule de meckel year-old woman, completely laparoscopically treated, with a history of previous appendectomy with pelvic abscess, cholecystectomy and removal of right ovarian cysts.

Congenital malformations diverticule de meckel mecekl of digestive system Q35—Q45— This video shows the laparoscopic treatment of bowel occlusion after gastric bypass.

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You may thus request that your data, should it be inaccurate, incomplete, unclear, outdated, not be used or stored, be diverticule de meckel, ,eckel, updated or deleted. By subscribing, you confirm that you accept the General terms of use of WebSurg. The technical key steps of the surgical procedure are presented in a step by step way: Clinically oriented embryology 9th ed.

Occasionally, Meckel’s diverticulitis may present with all diverticule de meckel features of acute appendicitis.

File:Diverticule de – Wikimedia Commons

In asymptomatic patients, Meckel’s diverticulum is often diagnosed as an incidental finding during laparoscopy or laparotomy. The right becomes the superior mesenteric artery that supplies a terminal branch to the diverticulum, while the left involutes. Acute small bowel obstruction two months after laparoscopic rectal prolapse surgery: Heterotopic means the displacement of an organ from its normal anatomic location.

Treatment is surgical, medkel with a laparoscopic resection. First name Last name Email address Password. At times, the symptoms are so painful that they may cause sleepless nights with acute pain felt in the foregut diverticule de meckel, specifically diverticule de meckel the epigastric and umbilical regions. Imperforate anus Rectovestibular fistula Persistent cloaca Rectal atresia.