DRILLING ÄND BLASTING OF ROCKS CARLOS LOPEZ JIMENO Project Director for EPM, SA EMLIO LOPEZ JIMENO FRANCISCO JAVIER. Submitted By. drilling blasting rocks filetype pdf free Engineer requires continuous use of drilling and blasting or special power. Facts About: Underwater Drilling. faced with a number of challenges in the area of drilling and blasting such as blasting cost, explosives consumption, airblast, blast induced ground vibration and flyrocks. Sorry, there is no online preview for this file type.

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The placing of the blastholes can be done on a staggered square Pattern which allows better distribution of Concrete walls In the case of reinforced concrete walls that form part of the retaining structure, the patterns used are detailed in Table Depending upon the quality of the material, consistency and risk of flyrock, the specific charge oscillates between 0.

Demolition of a bridge built with prefabricated beams or Spans. An initial cavity or cut must be opened towards which the rest of the fragmented rock from the other charges is directed. Some considerationsof blasting with large diameter blasthole underground.

Drilling and blasting

Depending upon the nature of deformation,as function of the Stresses produced by static charges, three groups of rocks are taken into consideration: The blast should have at least two rows of holes and a powder factor of around 1.

The second dewatenng Filettype has a submergible impellent pump and filetpe reel for the hose. Strain energy is released, with consequent impact of the cutting edge against the rock surface, and comrninution of rock fragments. Radial fracturing and breakage through reflection of the strain wave.

An early major use of blasting to remove rock occurred in when the British civil engineer William Cubitt used 18, lbs of gunpowder to remove a foot high chalk cliff near Dover as part of the construction of the South Eastern Railway. Below, the most common types are mentioned: In Table 3 1.


Drilling and Blasting of Rocks

Dernolition of a building with one direction fall. This begins when the Stresses exceed the limit of elasticity.

The high-speed filming of the work is an irnportant tool for the study and comprehension of the phenomena that developed and its results. Brick walls In order to save drilling time, this should be carried out atTable It should be such as to maximize the 6.

Method of demolishing a chimney stack Berta, Blaating systems for charging and dewatering blastholesOn the other hand, bowl-type tmcks have the following disadvantages: Given that, apart from fragmentation, there rnust be swelling and displacement of the material in order to getIn bench blasting, Fig.

It is easy to understand that in this type of blastings the 3 1.

Drilling and blasting – Wikipedia

The fill factors that correspond with each relative size are indicated in Table The type of material that makes up the rock matrix and unites the mineral blasfing also has an important influence. Land Vibrations, Air Blast and their Control When compared with conventional mix-load trucks, bowl-type trucks offer the following advantages: Offline Computer — Download Bookshelf software to your focks so you can view your eBooks with or without Internet access.

In this type of blastings, small experimental tests should be made on part of the wall to detennine the idealFig. Design of blasting rounds.

The values of B and B, are compared. In these cases, the use of selective charges have the following advantages: Separation of layers of compressible medium by release-of-load. Partial demolition of a breakwater wall. As to explosives, because the greater part of the elements to be fragmented are made up of concrete, bricks, and rarely, of stone, high tension energy explosives are the most adequate, meaning those which have high densities and detonation velocities, along with great utilization sensitivity and safety.

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Spherical charge cratering-planeand angle geomeAtlas Copco: When upholes are loaded in underground operations, the pressure of the vessel must blastjng combined with the Venturi effect created by blowing pressurized air through iILthe4. The second system consists in drilling horizontal blastholes with the Same length as the drill rods, also less than the four meters, and shoot towards the lower free surface.

Blastinng of the blastholes in a concrete wall. The maximum charging capacity oscillates between 2 and 4 tons. Flame, plasma, hot fluid, Freezing. These have a hopper of ammonium nitrate and a tank of fuel oil. Diseiio de Grandes Voladuras. In this chapter, the economical aspects of drilling and blasting in Open blastign production operations as well as the methods of predicting fragmentation and the basis of caiculation for the construction of an economical model for optimization of the total costs of the operation will be anaiyzed.

Drilling and Blasting of Rocks – CRC Press Book

Later On, these design parameters will be analized in detail. The most effective face geometry is achieved by: Initiation und priming Systems ives, Fig. Rotary Percussive Drilling 3. The shape of the blastings should be in such a manner fiketype Fletcher At the Same time we would also like to acknowledge the drawings and photography done by Jose Maria de Salas and the corrections made by Carlos Ramiro Visser.