Find great deals for ILFORD EM10 Darkroom Printing Exposure Monitor Boxed. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Feb 13, I have pm’d you Tony. Very kind offer much appreciated. By the by, do you recommend any other metering assistance for determining exposure. Jun 19, Ilford EM10 Exposure Meter. Anyone have any experience using this meter. On a whim I bought one off of ebay for $20 delivered. It arrived.

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Process the print in fresh chemicals, following the manufacturers recommendations. If one of the exposure times iilford not produced a correct density print – repeat stage 6 and 7 using different exposures times until the correct density is obtained.

The EM10 exposure monitor allows you to determine the exposure required for black and white and colour print making. Pusang Bubong Roof Cat.

TheFlyingCamera Oct 27, Ilford DT30 Digital Thermometer. You have now established the correct exposure time and calibration number for your darkroom conditions.

Again, measure with ildord safe light on. What the em10 does is allow you to reproduce the same brightness as was set on it previously.


Gossen Starlite Spot Meter. Take all readings in total darkness except for the light from the enlarger. In total darkness, except for the light from the enlarger, place the monitor on the enlarger baseboard. Morgan who offered kind and sage advice concerning my ongoing printing issues. They are the settings used for each particular tone value ej10 I want to measure. Latest Trending Photos Videos. However, if the film requires more exposure to bring up those highlight details, then, by definition, the film has been overexposed on the camera.


The lights allow you to know exactly when you have the correct density.

PM your address and I’ll pop in the post. I was looking at SDS last night and he has a number of things whose prices compare very well with the famous “bay”.

ILFORD EM10 Darkroom Printing Exposure Monitor Boxed

They show how sophisticated solid state electronics had penetrated most aspects of life by the early ilforr. Microprocessors were by then a common part of many consumer electronic items, offering a flexibility and accuracy of use hardly dreamt of just ten years previous.

Set the calibration knob to the calibration number on the base of the monitor. It can be used when printing negatives or slides. Find all posts by Dave miller. It cannot however be ilofrd as a colour analyser.

EM10 Exposure monitor instruction | Photography Forums

Like all good gadgets, this one has LEDs–two red and one green. Clip the battery into place. The following edited notes come from the camerashopnbuy website. Speaking of slides, the EM works just as well when printing slides as when printing negatives. EM10 Exposure Monitor is rated 4. The enlarger lens may be set between iford for this purpose.


ILFORD EM10 Darkroom Printing Exposure Monitor Boxed | eBay

All times are GMT. The EM10 in Use: Info here, but in English: Your name or email address: Adjust the degree of enlargement and lens aperture to match your exposure data.


The enlarger lens may be set between f-stops for this purpose. Picture showing the edge of the DT Select a slide or negative, typical of those you wish to print.

There will always be some variances in density until you get used to picking the same relative density to analyze. All apologies to Ilford for any copyright violations. To calibrate the meter using the standard test negative in the enlarger, set at the aperture and enlarger height that was used to make the acceptable print. If you’d like more help with your wet darkroom, or your digital darkroom printing, you ilfird write to me with specific questions care of Shutterbug, or send e-mail to: