Another new developer for me and when I find a new developer I’m usually excited to see how different films react to it. And to make it even. Let’s say i have 1 litre of Microphen stock solution, and i can use it for 10 films. My film developing tank takes only litre, so i should poor While I do experiment with other developers often (Golden Bullet Syndrome), Microphen is my consistent favorite. I use Ilford FP4 (EI) and.

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Exploring Ilford – Part 4 – Microphen – Alex Luyckx | Blog

Any more ideas of using stock? Use it as one shot would be perfect, did you noticed any difference on negative when developing in stock solution vs. The TMX negs came out just fine. Though Microphen is a tad more expensive than other developers, I would definitely use it again in similar circumstances. It is optimized for use at the faster end of the exposure range. IMO this gives smoother and finer grain.

I understand you can get a speed increase from most films. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Producing next to no grain and a pleasing grain at that and amazing sharpness and contrast. Does anyone use it as their normal developer? I haven’t found this to be necessary and use my standard times ilforrd each of the 10 development sessions. Temperature and time are less critical.

Microphen as everyday developer

How is the grain? Thank you, i’ll definitely give it a try on both, stock and diluted. HairyHippy 4 years ago. It really helps smooth out the grain and gives really good contrast. Ilford recommends a series of adjustments for reused stock solution, increasing time by a percentage with each use. HairyHippy Posted 4 years ago. It is tough to put into technical terms but the grain is fine, the tonal range is very, very good and the negatives print with a nice snap.


Please check your local sales tax laws. With Ilford Delta I actually found that Microphen pretty much ilforx a level playing field with the tradition FP4 and the modern Delta films and actually both take ten minutes in the micophen. Gives fine grain, smooth results with just about any film with more than box speed. Rated 4 out of 5 by James from Microphen delivers! I’ve used TMax developer before to develop it at andbut never as atit already has too much grain.

ILFORD Microphen To Make 1000 ml

So for slow and medium speed films I chose to shoot at box speed, while faster films I went mjcrophen did some pushing. Rated 5 out of 5 by Total Darkness iford the one and only I have been using this product ever since I had a home darkroom 25 years ago.

Also great for push processing. Acutance might be less but I can’t see the difference. I didn’t care for the results at 1: Not everyone does this, but I treat Microphen as a one shot developer.

While I do experiment with other developers often Golden Bullet SyndromeMicrophen is my consistent favorite. The difference here is stark See any errors on this page? There is just no other product on the market speed increasing fine grain developer that is so easy to use.

Nikon F5 — AF Nikkor 50mm 1: The TMY results weren’t bad at all. My film developing tank takes only 0. Worked consistently across 4 rolls of film.


Order in the next 0: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Much better for pushing than D in my experience. Send a link to this item so recipient can review, customize or exchange for an alternate of equal or lesser value.

Easy and the results are beautiful. Let’s say i have 1 litre of Microphen stock solution, and i can use it for 10 films. Does it change behavour when you dilute it? All in all, it delivers the goods as promised.

The negs were from my 6x6cm camera but looked as tho’ they’d come from 35mm. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Stay tuned for Part 5 where I go over the best and worst in the way of Ilford products at least in my humble opinion. You could use it as an everyday developer. This works out to be about as cost effective as several one-shot 1: The latter effect varies according to film. TMY microphej to flatten out after a certain point – it’s ideal top end with Microphen is Grain size is reduced and grain clumping is prevented because of the low alkalinity of the developer.

Overall I was really happy with this developer, and will certainly use it again especially if I do a project that would be best done on Pan F.

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