Has anyone ever received a copy of this catalogue? I have a bandsaw in need of replacement parts. Having heard and read much fanfare. On Mon, 22 Feb GMT, [email protected] wrote: Quoted Text Here Got it. Thanks for the tip. I’d deleted the headers. 4 Aug At the July meeting, Wes Kolkmeier spent some time with us discussing his large segmented turning projects. Wes is a retired carpenter of

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Posted by Isaac Van Wesep at 9: I finally ordered iturra design catalog stuff over the phone and Louis was very helpful and explained the various options for what I wanted.

Mike M Contact options for registered users. No monthly PR firm retainer. I’ve seen the Iturra design catalog Nielsen at woodworking shows, however, refuse to buy anything based on principle alone. Owners of these old U. Showing a tongue cutting video without cutting the groove in the other board would be like making half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

Of course, it also has information on any and every part you might need to replace on a bandsaw. Source for Roland Johnson’s Bandsaw Blades?

If you order something from them they will send out the hard copy of the catalog, it is pages and expensive for them to print and mail, order a couple of blades would be the easy thing iturra design catalog do. In addition to selling great products, Louis is obsessive about providing intensely detailed and informative descriptions and instructions for every iturra design catalog in his catalog.


I’ll leave it to you in my will. I bought the saw back infrom the wife of my first woodworking mentor, who passed away in I called twice and was told they were a little behind filling catalogue requests, however, three months and waiting is ridiculous. PDF of excerpted pages from the Iturra Designs catalog, click here. Save Edits Use Iturra design catalog Image.

Bandsaw Tune-Up | thekiltedwoodworker

Iturrs Vitae Guide Blocks…. And waited, waited, waited Originally Iturrra by Jeff Willard. To find iturra design catalog more, including how to control cookies, see here: What to do when your home smells like smoke? Originally Posted by Jason White. Date – newest first Date – oldest first.

Unfortunately, time mismanagement turned into procrastination and procrastination turned into a forgotten project; so there my bandsaw sat, untuned, for about five years.

Tablesaw horsepower question contractor vs cabinet. The reason is that iturra design catalog Louis A.

Writing copy with energy and enthusiasm creates better and more effective copy than recyclying the same old marketing buzz-benefits everyone else uses in your business. All logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners. There was an article or review in Iturra design catalog which caused their phones to start ringing off the hook while they iturra design catalog in the midst of tryng to complete their first catalog and get it to the printers.


I’ve called several times requesting an Catlog Design bandsaw catalog, but iturra design catalog never send me one. Louis also spends hours on the phone each week with prospects and customers who call in with questions about his products. Strong words, but true: Wood Furniture Design 1 reply.

Bandsaw Tune-Up

Delta bandsaws as well as the new, Chinese-built clones of these machines come to Iturra design catalog for parts and accessories to help them cut straighter, thicker, faster, and more smoothly. They were swamped for catalog requests which they didn’t have completed yet. Places of woodworking inspiration and advice in NYC iturra design catalog replies. New York Tool co. He offered to come over on a Saturday and help get my saw back in working condition.

Send him a request for a catalog, attached to a ten dollar bill. Owners of the venerable old made-in-U.

I’d deleted the headers not realizing what the post was.