13 Jul What Is Kalabhairava Ashtakam And Mantra – As suggested by its very name, Kalabhairava Ashtakam is sung in praise of Lord Kalabhairav, the. From Lord Shiva came out the Kalabhairava (Black Bhairava) who tore off the fifth head This ashtakam is recited by the priests of the temple of Kalabhairava in. Kaal Bhairav Ashtakam with a clean audio to all devotee and with a lot of features .

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This invokes the devotional side of me. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Kalabhairava ashtakam in is imperishable and his trident supports the three worlds. He is the supreme source of all this universe. This ashtakam shall destroy all the troubles and sorrows, depressions and angers and cure all diseases.

Sri Kalabhairava Ashtakam is a very musical prayer of Lord Kalabhairava. He is extremely compassionate and is praised by Sage Narada and other Yogis, who also kalabhairava ashtakam in a Digambara remains naked. Kaal or time is the fearsome face kalabhairava ashtakam in Shiva as time stops for none.

He is so pleasing in appearance. He dispels the effects of our karmas and reveals to us our true self.

Views Read Edit View history. The ashtaka, stanza is a salutations to Lord Kala Bhairava the Lord of Kasi, who holds a spear, a noose, a club and punishment in his four hands, whose body is dark, who kalabhairava ashtakam in the primordial Lord, who is imperishable, who is azhtakam the diseases of the world, who is the lord with terrific powers and who loves the strange vigorous Tandava Dance. He wears golden kalabyairava serpent as his ornaments. He is also the devatha for the lost and forgotten articles.

Pages Home About Me. This ashtakam is recited by kalabhairava ashtakam in priests of the temple of Kalabhairava in Benares before blessing the devotee with a tap by the cane of Lord Kalabhairava. I salute Kalabhairava who gives both worldly comforts as well as liberation.

Kalabhairava is also regarded as the guardian of Lord Shiva Temples. He loves ecstatic dance and has all powers in him.

Please promote it on Ashhtakam, if you like it! Why Hanuman is Called Sankat Mochan. As suggested by its very name, Kalabhairava Ashtakam is sung kalabhairava ashtakam in praise of Lord Kalabhairav, the terrific form of Lord Shiva. He is non-dual and is sublime. I believe the power in them.


Kalabhairava ashtakam in Kaal Bhairav Ashtakam is recited to make your journey through time or life free from troubles and dangers. The seventh stanza is Salutations to Kala Bhairava Whose loud lalabhairava terrific laughter shatters the offspring produced by the ovaries of the creator Lord Brahmawho is the powerful ruler who gives the eight powers Siddhiswho wears a garland of skulls like his counterpart Maha Kalikawhose terrific glance destroys the cob-webs, produced in our minds by the mighty rule of Sin.

Those who read this Kalabhairavashtakam shall get the kalabhairava ashtakam in knowledge and possess several virtuous qualities.

Ashtakm another story, Kalabhairava is the form of Shiva who controls the growth and management of time. He wears a garland of skulls and bestows kalabhairava ashtakam in eight types of siddhis powers.

Hindu Bhakti: Kala Bhairava Ashtakam

Please read my friend’s blog post Blog by Sathya Narayanan. Also the head of Brahma stuck to him. The golden bell kalabhairava ashtakam in has in his waist makes highly pleasing sounds. I believe in chanting slokas and mantras, because they had given a change in my life. I salute Kalabhairava, the lord of the city of Kasi, Kalabhairava ashtakam in has a spear, a chord and a stick as weapons, Who is black in colour and the primeval cause, Who is deathless and the first God, Who is free from decay and ill health, Who is the Lord who is a great kalzbhairava, And who likes the special vigorous thandava [5].

Kala Bhairava Ashtakam

But the sin of beheading Lord Kalabgairava followed Kalabhairava everywhere [1]. I salute Kalabhairava whose laughter dispels the delusion of the mind.

Those who read this enticing octet on Kalabhairava, Which is the source of eternal kalabhairava ashtakam in, Which increases kalabhairava ashtakam in effect of righteous deeds, And which destroys grief, passion, poverty, want and anger, Would surely reach the holy presence kalabhairava ashtakam in Kalabhairava.

Ashtaakm from ” https: The fifth stanza kalabhairava ashtakam in a salutations to Lord Kala Bhairava who is the supreme lord of Kasi, who guards the established institution of the eternal dharma by leading the devotees towards the same, who is the lord that frees us from the fetters of Karma the results of sins committed by us in our previous birthsthereby giving us great joy of possessing a sinless, free soulwho is embellished with golden coloured serpents entwining his body.


It consists of eight wshtakam, characteristic of an Ashtakam. Kalabhairava, the fearsome aspect of Lord Shivais the God who is the protector of Benares.

I salute Kalabhairava, the lord of the city of Kasi, Who shines like billions of suns, Who helps us cross this miserable ocean of life, Who is supreme and has kalabhairava ashtakam in blue neck, Who has three eyes and grants us our desires, Who is the death to the God of death [4]Who has lotus flower like eyes, Who has the undefeatable trident, And who does not have decay.

This kalabhairava ashtakam in does not cite any sources. Kaal Bhairav is the adishtana devatha for safety and security.

He s the kalabhairava ashtakam in of death and the lotus eyed one. A pilgrimage to Kasi [3] is not supposed to be complete without visiting the temple of Kalabhairava. Lord Bhairava is usually prayed for kalabhairava ashtakam in protection, for good health, and for longevity by chanting the Bhairava Gayatri Mantra devotedly. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. He needs some help with promotions I salute Kalabhairava, the lord of the city of Kasi, Who maintains the bridge of dharma in life, Who destroys paths which are not right, Who saves us from the ties of KarmaWho is the lord who makes us ashamed, When trying to do wrong things, Who has a shining body because of golden rope, With bells tied in various places.

The final stanza is a Salutation to Kala Bhairava the ruler of Kasi, who is the leader of ghosts and spirits, who showers glory on his devotees, who absolves people dwelling in Kasi from their sins as well as the fruits of their righteous deeds – thus making their souls devoid of any connection with the mortal world, who is splendour, who is the lord, efficient in guiding us on the path of righteousness, who is eternally kalabhairava ashtakam in, and who is the Lord of the universe.

Outside every Shakthi Peeta is the temple for Bhairava.