Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high. There’s a land that I’ve heard of once in a lullaby. Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue. And the dreams that. Keith Jarrett – Somewhere Over the Rainbow – YouTube.

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I am really glad you posted your rendition!!!

Over the rainbow

We’ll have things fixed soon. I thought to myself, “Wow! I am shaking my head in wonder at your comments.

I assume this is meant in jest? I think some liberties are warranted, and I find yours nicely done. She does not speed up the tempo at that point.

Keith Jarrett – Over the rainbow Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

I think it’s OK, but it’s like keith jarrett somewhere over the rainbow pensive pauses along the way to measure keith jarrett somewhere over the rainbow I noticed you give a little pick-up energy at the bottom of page 1 as well. That’s how I made sense of what I was playing. Andy, I found your performance quite nice. Did it inspire you at all? I really am glad for this experience of the last few weeks learning these pieces.

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I downloaded this score from the site Pianoloverus linked to in the George Shearing thread: Please Pass It On! I think the same would apply if one was playing a note for note transcription of Tatum, Waller, etc.

Even though we both deviate from the score a little mine by mistake, yours deliberatelyI think we can both claim to be performing Jarrett’s arrangement. Grossnick transcribed from the recording. It’s not the style that’s the same.

Suggesting someone think of singing a melody line is a common way of teaching how to shape a melody line because most people shape a rinbow line naturally correctly when singing. They like most of the free stuff that Keith Jarrett does, but think this type keith jarrett somewhere over the rainbow thing is too commercial. Originally Posted by Pogorelich. Your performance is somewhere in between the Jarrett version and your own completely original improvisation.

Originally Posted by pianoloverus Originally Posted by Pogorelich.

Try singing along with his version! Evaluating a piano teacher by impendia.


I feel it as the latter rather than the former. Each time, the spirit soars a ieith higher. Don’t worry about hurting my feelings.


I think it’s a little more free than that. I suspect Jarrett might be offended if we tried to reproduce keith jarrett somewhere over the rainbow performance exactly notes, tempi, and rubatos, oh my! Jazz players rarely play jarrrtt piece exactly the same way twice. The fact that there are no dynamic markings in the score doesn’t mean one can in the sense of sounding the best do anything one wants to.

Hope you like it.

Do I think your changes improve on Jarrett? I decided on tempo primarily by how the music itself struck me.

And that includes tempo Even KJ does not jatrett the same notes, same tempo, same phrasings every time he plays this song and the same is true for most jazz piano players Originally Posted by Cinnamonbear I owe Pianoloverus thanks for insisting that I take a closer look at the Jarrett version, after professing my love for the George Shearing arrangement.