The Pistol Wing-T is a fast, explosive offense that requires the ball to be snapped PLAYBOOK: pages of blocking rules and every play drawn up vs 4. As a long time Wing T Coach I was looking for away to expand the offense to help with future personnel. In doing some research on both the spread and the. Learn 23 deceptive run plays from the Wing-T playbook–in Pistol fashion; Learn how to be multiple in the Wing-T; Key a defender and exploit him; Use.

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I look forward to using his plagbook to compliment mine. Coach Stewart explains the knuckleball snap that he uses in the pistol offense. It is loaded with information and he does a great job describing and explaining the offense. When the safeties come down too quickly it opens up the play action passing game.

Pistol Wing T Running Game. The wingback ball carrier takes a drop step with his inside foot, aims for the QB toes, and takes the inside handoff. Derek Pennington’s Playbool 4-Pack Author: He does a great job with drills and installation. We were amongst the final eight teams, in a 34 team league in Metro Atlanta.

Rick Stewart’s Pistol Wing-T Offense Series – Football — Championship Productions, Inc.

I’ve ordered this set and the more I watch and take notes the more confident I am in installing this offense for my team in the Fall. We compete in a league where it’s very difficult to match the size and speed of our opponents week in and week out.

Around game 4 or 5 we are always looking for something new to offenze at the kids, be it a trick play, a new kick return, or in this case an entirely new offensd and series.


Thank you Coach Stewart! Stewart’s offensive system maintains the high tempo, hit you in the mouth of the Wing-T and then adds the advantages of deception and the effective passing game of the Pistol. This is the way I run Pistol – it is a great way to mix things up and blend new concepts in with the tried-and-true Wing-T offense.

Stewart discusses how to put slot defenders in conflict using the run game and quick 3-step route combinations.

Coach Stewart begins with his post-snap reads for the essential Offenxe plays: Hand shields are used to simulate the more realistic block on odfense moving target.

Coach Stewart starts by looking at multiple formations that outnumber the defense at the point of attack to create blocking angles making the Pistol Wing-T so devastating.

Stewart uses the Midline and Veer series out of the Pistol to put additional pressure on the defense. Otherwise he will get downfield and log, probably an inside LB.

It hits fast and opens up much of your inside running game. These adjustments are vital when making game time decisions that can make the difference on game day. It can be incorporated into any level that is wanting a consistent progression in teaching the Pistol Wing-T running game. Install and drill five essential phases for successfully blocking for the Wing-T Learn how offensive linemen can effectively block poaybook shoulder and hand blocking techniques in the Pistol Wing-T Learn how to design drills that can be applied to specific plays and blocking techniques Rick Stewart does a superb job of teaching coaches how to improve offensive line performance for the Pistol Wing-T.

Expertly execute your backfield movements this season with excellent deception and timing! Last year we went in our league. Coach breaks down his plays into categories: These DVDs are made for varsity level high school football. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Get Offensr Free Catalog.


Stewart is a master at incorporating conditioning into the wihg practice and challenges his athletes both physically and mentally. I truly believe we will have success with this offense for years to come. Starting with the philosophy behind the offense, Coach Stewart details how the defense can never be right due to the simply complexity of the play calling embedded in this system.

Plus a few wrinkles on how to run the option. In doing some research on both the spread and the pistol I plwybook intrigued by the Pistol because I could have the backs get downhill right now. He talks about what he looks for in an opponent when devising his weekly game plan and what every coach is looking for as he calls the plays on Friday night. The individual segment shows a variety of drills and key coaching points for each offensive position: He takes it one step further by establishing the practice schedule to set youth programs up for successful implementation and offensf to the field.

Pistol Wing T: Tiger Formation, Buck Sweep, Trap, and Boot

In addition, Veer and midline are covered on these DVDs. If you are currently running the Wing-T or have to defend someone running it, this video is a must. Third, after watching the DVDs, I had a list of questions to help me clarify some nuances, so I decided to take-up Coach Stewart on plaubook offer to call for help.

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