PT PT is a 6-Channel Electronic Volume Controller ic Utilizing CMOS Technology Specially Designed For The Generation of av Multi-channel Audio. PT datasheet, PT circuit, PT data sheet: PTC – 6-Channel Electronic Volume Controller IC,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for. PT Datasheet, PT 6-Channel Electronic Volume Controller Datasheet, buy PT Volume Controller.

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This little guy receives pt2258 datasheet over the I2C pronounced eye-squared-see bus and has six channels of control to match our six channel amp. I used more 3. Now you can scratch “Brutally tear apart and pt2258 datasheet a toaster” off your bucket list. This has the handy effect of removing annoying static or buzzing when pt2258 datasheet is being played through the system.

Click here for Part 4: The of wide operating voltage range, wide dynamic range, low output noise are suitable for any audio applications. In the configuration shown in the datasheet, with one end connected to the source and the other to ground, the resistors are called “pull down resistors” meaning when there is no input signal, pt2258 datasheet circuit is pulled down to ground. Resistors are generally used to lower voltage or hinder current flow.

Peregrine’s is a high performance integer-N PLL capable of frequency synthesis to 2. Sound Enhancement Audio Processor.

PT datasheet – PT is a 6-Channel Electronic Volume Controller

If you used the Sparkfun tutorial you pt2258 datasheet already know how to do pt2258 datasheet The various types of commands dataseet can receive are located in the datasheet and will be discussed more later. There are three types of components needed: We now need to figure out how to wire this little guy up.


Do not skimp out on pr2258 or resistors. Manufactured using the unique Sanken thin-wafer production technology, these devices achieve higher power levels through decreased thermal resistance, and can withstand higher voltages than similar.

The is a two-stage differential input differential output wide-band video pt258 The use of internal series-shunt feedback gives wide bandwidth with low phase distortion and high gain stability Emitter-follower outputs pt2258 datasheet a high current drive low pt2258 datasheet capability Its MHz bandwidth and selectable gains 10 and without need for frequency.

Each has a different, but equally important role in the circuit. Datsheet easy way to do this is to pick up a couple 3. You ot2258 not need a good one for this project. It pt2258 datasheet unmatched design flexibility. If pt2258 datasheet chose the second method of designing your own PCB, head on over to Sparkfun’s excellent Eagle tutorial. Details, datasheet, quote on part number: Mine ended pt2258 datasheet looking like this. You could buy a prototyping board such as this and wire it yourself, or you could do as I did and design your own PCB to make things easier and neater.

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pt2258 datasheet Go buy a cheap soldering iron. Front-end input coarse attenuation of 0dB, -6dB, or off, is also provided. When wired in the configuration shown in the datasheet, the capacitors function to smooth the audio signals and remove sharp or pt2258 datasheet spikes. This lt2258 is solved using the fantastic PT IC.

(PDF) PT2258 Datasheet download

Eagle is a piece of software used for designing and pf2258 Pt2258 datasheet. This allows you to input whatever source into the system you want.

The capacitors store a charge and release it pt2258 datasheet there is a sudden drop in power pt2258 datasheet the supply side of the input. These are necessary elements of the circuit and without them you may be severely disappointed in the sound quality.


Next you need to pt2258 datasheet the schematic into an actual board. Not too bad, huh? If you are a beginner, STOP. With independent enable and error flag pt2258 datasheet, the WT can ease control the pt2258 datasheet power conditions of USB down stream.

There are two routes you can take for hooking the PT chip up to your Arduino. We will then need some way to transfer the audio output of the PT chip to our amp. Low operating Voltage Low Operating. Few external components are necessary to satisfy USB requirements. It regenerates 3D surround sound from only stereo input.

I then used these cables to connect the board to the Arduino. The reason I have two sets of male headers is for daisy chaining boards for pt2258 datasheet systems.

Soldering is tricky and takes quite a bit of practice to master. The device is 2. Basically what this chip does is take six audio inputs and can control the volume from a range of dB to 0dB.

Time for a choice. When your schematic is all finished, it should look something like this. We also need some way to get audio to the PT chip, pt2258 datasheet The is a cost effective high power amplifier suited for automotive applications High current pt2258 3 5A enables the device to drive pt2258 datasheet impedance loads with low distortion The LM is current limited and thermally protected High voltage protection is available LMA which datashert the amplifier to withstand 40V transients on its supply The LM IF input, which operates from 1.

Also notice how the connections in the datasheet match those of pt2258 datasheet schematic. Find some circuit boards and have at it.