then select the files and directories to recover.4/28/ Symantec NetBackup Interview questions and answers. What does these status codes mean. Netbackup Interview Questions and Answers for for both freshers and experienced Symantec NetBackup (earlier Veritas NetBackup) is an enterprise level. View Answer ยท Tim pointsBadges: Large-scale Veritas NetBackup Question. My company is currently merging and we are in need of several NetBackup.

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How to check volume pool? Amreek 5 points Badges: Check below link for more information: What is User Backup,User 1.

Netbackup Interview Questions and Answers

Why is this important? Suspended – Netbackup application will NOT auto suspend a tape. Popular Posts Interview Questions 2. Device Management Configuration utility. For more netbackup interview question and answers, refer below link http: The length of thime Netbackup keeps backup and archive images.

What’s the difference between diff incr and cumulative incr? There is a Tape library vdritas 10 drives Red Hat cluster Interview Questions.

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Rajesh Thiraviam March 18, at 6: How to check tape is in cap? A small group of engineers Rick Barrer, How do you configure a client for automatic backups? How is a changed file determined on Unix? Lalitneomatrix 5 points Badges: On the storage unit and in the policy backup selection list. There are no interview questions outlinedHowever Connect have listed few of them, Check out they would help alot.


Which of the following backup type requires less space? None of the files in the backup selections list exist.

Network Monitoring Interview Questions. Ask the folks who do this regularly. What is the process of importing images and why do we import images? After restoration, the EMM database updates. There was an error processing your information.

What Is Tape Spanning? How do you configure retention levels for a backup? Enter the bpconf command. On the Media Manager. What is the utility used for data deduplication in Netbackup? If a media ID A comes back and it is frozen, what are the steps to unfreeze it and move it vreitas to scratch from the command line?

interview questions

Where does the images catalog reside? Migration of Netbackup versions. How to Importing and expiring images? Media has been already expired, How to find out? Newer Post Older Post Home. As part of a catalog backup, you can send yourself an email with the details on how to recover. How do you back up the catalog?


What are the critical catalogs or databases on a Media Server? Netbackup interview questions and answers on advance and basic Netbackup with example so this page for both freshers and experienced condidate. Can I have one without the other How do you configure a client for automatic backups?

interview questions

What is the difference between a Volume Group and a Volume Pool? What does the bpbkar process do? You can have only one scratch volume pool per NetBackup environment. The inode change time for a file or directory can be determined using ctime of a file of dir.

Better luck next time.

Differential Incremental or Cumulative Incremental Backups.