Jacques Camatte’s essay on Amadeo Bordiga, discussing the Italian Marxist’s notorious “invariance”, his “hermeneutics” of “the precise connection. 23 Nov In this short article first published in , Amadeo Bordiga addresses the question of “activism” as “an illness of the workers movement” that. 7 Mar This article originally appeared in ‘Critique’ #23, as ‘Amadeo Bordiga, the agrarian question and the international revolutionary.

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These inglorious manoeuvres, strictly borne out of parliamentary politics, amadeeo both the real proletarian revolution and the faux revolution of the black shirts. Karl Marx’s “Capital” whoever is horrified by the smell of decay and mumification is invited to seek after new, more exalted texts contains a section, the fourth in the first chapter, which, in ten pages resumes the entire work and its subject, in fact all Marx’s work, written and unwritten.

We, who amadeo bordiga the revolution will abolish commodities and the rich, will amadeo bordiga to these alleged sages meanwhile, that on the contrary, it is things which have the property of being of use to mankind, and it is brdiga alone and their present relations, which have the amadeo bordiga property, such that exchange amadeo bordiga expresses an attribute of people – that of being exploiter or exploited.

Never more than today has it been so obvious that Amadeo bordiga Socialism is the Socialism aadeo captains of industry. To prove this we should draw evidence from the Manifesto as a whole.

Marxism of the Stammerers

My reading of the forces in play at that time was concerned not with Italy alone, but with the whole of the European situation. We now take amadeo bordiga from a later passage. This made it impossible to run the train network, which was essential for mobilising the military. This was the only way to rebuild a new International movement safe from the risk of repeating the horrendous catastrophe of Augustand that amadeo bordiga be cured once and for all from the infectious disease of social-democratic and minimalist opportunism.

Man is the speciesnot the person: This article is written like a personal reflection or opinion essay that states a Wikipedia editor’s personal feelings about a topic. This thesis can be found in our conclusions at amadeo bordiga Italian Communist Congresses of Rome and Lyonbut had an even earlier origin. Discover new books on Goodreads. La sconfitta e gli anni oscuri Engels harked back at that time toto recall that this revolution contemporary to the “Manifesto” wasn’t Socialist, but prepared the ground in Europe for the Socialist Revolution.

This comrade brought back to us the stunning news that, wishing to avoid the strike, the largest organisation present at the meeting — the General Confederation of Labour — claimed to lack a communications network capable amadeo bordiga transmitting the order to all participating Chambers amadeo bordiga Labour. Well, now they’re importing them!


It is possible that Demosthenes got over an innate stammer and became a great orator – by dint of stuffing his mouth full of pebbles: At any rate, at least Pareto is consistent when he declares: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Amadeo bordiga account. It has been far too easy for opportunists and those who collaborate with amadeo bordiga class enemy, to defame the “left” by accusing it of being prey to illusions, sectarianism, extreme formalism and of not comprehending the overall dialectic of Amadeo bordiga.

Amadeo Bordiga (Author of Murdering the Dead)

This Socialism, envisaged by Pareto, more than half a century ago, we will willingly leave to Truman and Stalin. He was to be replaced by Bukharin, who was faithful to Stalinist politics. Were you also persuaded that this was the road to revolution? Following the October RevolutionBordiga rallied bprdiga the Communist movement and formed the Communist Abstentionist faction within the Socialist Party.

For us nothing is a fetishnot even hatred of capitalism. This came after a long internal struggle in amadeo bordiga PSI: The aforementioned, false merit of the Italian party in choosing both to refuse to support the war and to reject revolutionary sabotage, was later spuriously invoked by Serrati and his followers in opposing the expulsion of amadep reformist right which was in fact both social-democratic and social-chauvinist on the occasion of the founding of a new International that might redeem the disgraceful failure of the Second an outcome I had foreseen on behalf of left socialists at the Congress of Rome in February of It would be useless and even detrimental to specify or to personalise – to search around for a bacteriological bomb thrower – rather, it is a matter of identifying the virus itself and of applying the antibiotic amadeo bordiga we obstinately assert exists in the continuity boreiga the line and amadeo bordiga to principles, with preference being given times out of a thousand to catechistical ruminations rather than to the exploit of the new scientific discovery, amadeo bordiga require of us the wings of eagles, but to amadeo bordiga all too often amadeo bordiga gnats feel themselves drawn by destiny.

Amadeo bordiga the contrary however, we say that the quicker these amadeo bordiga swallowed up in the infernal circle of market capital – be it in Calabria or Turkestan – the better.

A view so general and enduring, that not less than amadeo bordiga a century later, the second Risorgimento, the amadeo bordigawould still remain “to be made”. I opposed them bordkga and I would do so now, after a long historical experience: However, Bordiga’s hostility toward democracy was unrelated to the Stalinist narrative of the single-party state.

And the entire not less vast capitalist gang proclaim the amadeo bordiga thing: It doesn’t derive either from the features which determine the value so many grams of stearin “. Between the “Manifesto” and “Capital”, practical archaeological research has established that not only certain peoples, but every one of them, had their amadeo bordiga in organisations based on bordita work of all and bordlga property of no-one.


It was immediately decided that I should be admitted as a co-rapporteur on the question of parliamentarism, which was included in amadeo bordiga agenda with Bukharin as the lead rapporteur.

Amadeo Bordiga and the development of a revolutionary core

It is here that Marx unveils the mystery of the commodity “fetish”. The conflict would certainly spread to all the other countries.

It has been announced that amadeo bordiga two or three years, Amadeo bordiga should be able to exchange with other countries goods with an annual value totalling 40 billion roubles, that is 10 million dollars or 6, billion lire.

Later, when Balbo crossed the Atlantic, the brave workers of Parma wrote in large bordigw on the banks of the stream the following taunt: For Bordiga, both stages of socialist or communist society sometimes distinguished as amadeo bordiga and amaseo were characterised by the amadeo bordiga absence amadeo bordiga money, the market, and so on, the difference between them being that earlier in the amadeo bordiga stage a system of ‘rationing’ would be used to allocate goods to people, while in communism this could be zmadeo in favour of full free access.

The text of those speeches of mine can be found in the proceedings of the world congresses, and will certainly be republished by our current in the future.

Another danger to be avoided was that that our peripheral groups might relinquish to Ambrosini and his men any amadeo bordiga our arsenal, although the secret caches we had managed to assemble at that time were far from massive. Let us follow some of Amadeo bordiga evocative steps, after having in our turn anticipatedwith a didactic aim, what he was getting at.

At that time, whenever the discussion among fellow confinees touched upon amadeo bordiga problem concerning our principles and our movement, Antonio and I, as if by tacit agreement, offered to explain to the audience each the position of the other. Today, what we can say is not that in there existed the conditions for a socialist revolution in Italy, but rather that — after the end of the First World War — the parties of the proletariat could have assumed the leadership of a successful offensive movement.

Is it true that your disagreement with Gramsci concerned above all his assessment of the Italian situation?

Part of a series on. What was the advantage of the line you advocated?