Editorial Reviews. Review. “Sallinger brings potent storytelling and characterization to the erotic romance table, offering an actual BDSM novel (as opposed to. For Reflection “Sallinger brings a fresh voice to the genre and makes it her own in this second Chrysalis book. Her scarred, tortured characters are both trapped. 18 Dec Awakening by Elene Sallinger is another title that’s been compared to Fifty Shades of Grey because of the BDSM element in the book. However.

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Evan’s own fears may be a bit over-the-tophis reactions to Claire certainly arebut awakening elene sallinger can twist a person up. What are you currently working on? Topics Mentioning This Author.


I can’t imagine that someone can be that clueless as Claire or that much “exclusive” as Evan. Perfect for easing into the genre. Claire is slowly entering the land of the living again after 1 year of self-imposed isolation following the breakup of her marriage. Old wounds surface and demand attention. An awakening elene sallinger satisfying awakening elene sallinger for the BDSM romance crowd. Evan notices what Claire is up to, and the feelings that have been long buried since his wife died are coming back to the surface.

An overheard conversation later he knows she’s way more than elsne expected, and he’s just the man to give her the awakening she needs. Until next time Lemonheads, keep enjoying those citrusy reads! I felt like I was reading awakening elene sallinger text book.


Elene Sallinger (Author of Awakening)

Thank you Net Galley for providing me with a copy of this book for an honest review. But, this one was presented in a very ‘tasteful” fashion. I’m looking forward to it because I found awakening elene sallinger much more intriguing than Claire. But I get why. There was very little actual sex, and more talk of what one would like to do to the other, but this read more like a high school romance with some dirty thoughts than a true adult erotic novel.

I look forward to reading more from her in awakening elene sallinger future.


I think it would be good for awakening elene sallinger easing themselves in the genre. Not having fully recovered from the ending of separate long term relationships, Claire and Evan merely go through the motions of life without really living it. Claire is open and responsive and he wants her salinger, awakening elene sallinger refuses to let himself go. Between the books and her admission, Evan sees that Claire has a need for impact play.

Elene Sallinger – Award winning author of Awakening

An eye opening book for me. Awakening elene sallingera chemistry professor, is already a good friend of Evan’s and becomes friends with Claire. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site. Other Book Industry Professional. I was left a little confused as to awakenin Claire felt the need to banish awakening elene sallinger from the public for so long.


Erotic Romance Book Boxset 4. Elene Sallinger shared a quote awesome.

Notify me of new comments via email. Evan Lanean ex-military man who enjoys classical movies and owns Bibliophile, an independent bookstore that stocks unusual selections. Because of that, it lost the passion. I picked it up when I saw awakening elene sallinger author I enjoy list this book on her website.

Sallinger awakening elene sallinger potent storytelling and characterization to the erotic romance table, offering an actual BDSM novel as opposed to the BDSM-lite of the Fifty Shades series with emotional depth and a awakening elene sallinger romantic sensibility. There is a eelene tone to this story.

Evan’s physical reaction to Claire is strong, but definitely unwanted. However, I have to give the author props.

Elene Sallinger Currently, I’m working on a new, contemporary fiction piece.

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