HMS Ulysses has ratings and reviews. Christopher said: I must have been about 14 when I first read this book and I can remember being blown awa. ‘A brilliant, overwhelming piece of descriptive writing.’ Observer. ‘A story of exceptional courage which grips the imagination.’ Daily Telegraph. ‘It deserves an. 5 Aug HMS Ulysses was Maclean’s first and arguably best novel. It describes the ordeal of a ship on one of the notorious Murmansk conveys, taking.

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Hms ulysses arranged for a script to be written by R. Ulysses are expected to perform and survive despite the extremely cold Arctic weather, small rations, “Things are bad indeed, when only the enemy can save us.

Ulysses are expected hms ulysses perform and survive despite the extremely cold Arctic weather, small rations, little sleep and bms uncaring high command.

All slowly reduce the convoy from 32 ships to only five. It is not just the history, the workings of the ships, or the authority figures power over the lives of lesser beings, but the workings of mens minds and souls. MacLean’s hms ulysses in the Royal Navy during World War II provided the background and the Arctic convoys to Murmansk provided the basis for the story, which was written at a publisher’s request after he’d won a short hms ulysses competition the previous year. It is, along with The Cruel Sea and The Cain Mutiny, one of the best explorations of hms ulysses warfare in WW11, focusing not only on the battles but also on the effects of the cold, the fear and the danger on the men who sailed in those ships.

However, the ship is sent out again, under hms ulysses auspices of the kindly, overworked doctor, the kindly, stoic captain, and the kindly admiral.

Views Read Edit View history. The author details the lives of these heroic sailors as they fight to complete their hms ulysses and yet know they will not make it to Murmansk.


HMS Ulysses by Alistair MacLean (1955)

Part Hms ulysses and part Reacher, Cal Stokes doesn’t play by the rules. I didn’t hate it. But I read it for 3 reasons- a To broaden my options as a reader. Jul 17, Oliviu Craznic rated it liked it. Email required Address never hms ulysses public.

Lying in wait for the thirty-four ships of Fast Russian convoy FR77 was hms ulysses worst winter storm anyone could remember, and German aircraft, surface ships, and submarines traveling in the feared wolf packs.

My hms ulysses reading goal was to read the book and decide for myself. However his boat hms ulysses ulyswes so he decided to write a novel. I loved the perseverance shown through the characters, their sacrifices, and personal stories. Read more Read less. That being said, I want to warn you this is about real life, devastating things happen. AM’s best book that I’ve readbut sadly overshadowed in popularity by a number of his other novels.

HMS Ulysses | Harper Collins Australia : Harper Collins Australia

Most critics comment most favourably on the justly famous scene hms ulysses which a very ill Captain Vallery nevertheless insists on touring his very ill ship. Quotes from HMS Ulysses. That much, for a second, and that only, Vallery saw: A hms ulysses amazing story of heroism of men tired beyond belief fighting a war in conditions unbelievable but true.

As war stories often go, the characters tend to be instruments of the plot.

Hms ulysses the Ulysses must fight its way through one of the worst storms ever recorded and no one understands or describes a warship moving through such an event as MacLean. It is not just the history, the workings of the ships, or the authority figures power over the lives of lesser beings, but the work Hms ulysses is a reason the WWII generation is called the greatest generation and a hms ulysses of it is shown in hms ulysses book. View all 5 comments. My uncle was on a ship sunk on an Atlantic convoy and although he was picked up, more dead than alive, he never recovered from the experience.


This scene sets the atmosphere of absolute mental and physical exhaustion combined with stress and nervous tension under which these men operated.

HMS Ulysses by Alistair MacLean

This site uses cookies. In my opinion this book ranks with the best of war fiction. I am hms ulysses to tell you all sorts of plot points, on the theory hms ulysses this book is 20 years older than I am. South by Java Head. You are commenting hms ulysses your Twitter account. This is, of course, a classic of WW II literature, ulyssea should be read by aficionados of that genre.

The cruelty of an arctic winter, death and privation, destruction, unrelenting bad weather, blizzards, the worst storm of the war, the roughest seas imaginable, ocean hms ulysses, U-boats, air attacks, constant tension, no relief, one mission after another without letup, numbing intense cold, being stretched hms ulysses their limits, physical exhaustion, weakness, hunger, snow, ice, hurricane force winds, 24 hr nights, miserable dawns, ice everywhere, chaos, unimaginable fatigue, and all without end.

July reread This is the only book I can recall dealing with life or adventure on the high ulysses that I have cared much for, and it turns out it’s probably my favorite book, period.

Now, he did give us some good thrillers, such as The Guns of NavaroneWhere Eagles Dare and Night Without Endbut his later output is really not anywhere near his first offering.