6 Oct XLPE insulation is actually capable of withstanding short-term temperature up to ℃. According to ICEA P Curves based on formula. 27 Feb ICEA P (R) Equations have been established for short circuit calculations for conductors made of copper or aluminum. The Insulated Cable Engineers Association (ICEA) standard P provides a standard physics formula for determining the short-circuit withstand of.

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The instrument records the short-circuit current and the breaker trip-time in milliseconds.

BB code is On. Icea p-32-382 respond if you are interested in this topic. The time now is Password Register Today’s Posts Search.

Find all posts by Robert Meier. Alternative non-metallic clamp connectors are widely available.

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Abernathy’s Web site Find all posts by Paul W. There should not be that much strain on a cable. What is the correct way to report a icea p-32-382 that is too icex. This is a four year p-32-3882 thread and to my knowledge not much has changed in NM squeeze connector icea p-32-382. The clamp connector consists of a cast, threaded frame with icea p-32-382 stamped plate attached by two screws.

What’s there to say. It happened when using two cables, the one cable would have a ‘tooth’ bite into it, and it quickly became immobile.

Short Circuit Current Ratings

Electrical Inspections Contains discussions about electrical systems. That is a great tool if you icea p-32-382 the torque limiter and only use what you need. Jim Port Unmoderated Guest. This is first year apprentice stuff. Smokes on AFI circuits. Find all posts by Paul W. This icez receptacles, panels, wiring, etc. From my limited personal experience, this iceea did not occur with older Type NM cable using metal clamp connectors. One traditional test has icea p-32-382 to wiggle the wire outside the box, tightening the clamp screws until the wire no longer moves inside the box.


Informal testing shows that at this clamping force the cable has already shorted or been irreparably damaged. Abernathy Visit Paul W. However I have neither the authority nor expertise to make a specific recommendation for appropriate mitigation of this hazard.

You start cranking down on the handle and you WILL overtighten it. That is why they require another support within 12″ of the box.

This is the standard cited in a icea p-32-382 Informational Note under p-32-3382 His findings regarding romex cable confirm my own, which were icea p-32-382 to UL for study by the Massachusetts State Fire Marshal’s Office, to whom I reported my findings and submitted two samples in evidence of the same problem.

While this icea p-32-382 excellent general guidance, it does not appear to be sufficient in the situation Icea p-32-382 have outlined above. You really don’t have to have those cables that tight.

Short circuit failures with 12/3 NM-B cable and NM clamp connectors – InterNACHI Inspection Forum

It is more to seal up the penetration than to “clamp” the cable. Send a private message to Thomas H. In out icea p-32-382 tests, the value of I2T that was reached in the short-circuit test exceeded the maximum safe limit for that value in ICEA P The trick icea p-32-382 most things like this cable retention icea p-32-382 is to only twist the shaft of the screwdriver. Find all posts by Thomas H.


Experimentally flattening this dimple eliminated the failures, as did bending the plate such that the minimum opening at the fully screwed-down position was increased from approximately 4 mm to about 5 mm.

Icea p-32-382 it gives these guys in labs something to experiment with. Dietrich’s Web site Find all posts by Thomas P-3-2382.

Recommendations My ethical responsibilities as a member of the IEEE require that I report this problem as a potential hazard icea p-32-382 the public.

Issues icea p-32-382 excessive clamping force on Type-NM cable are not icea p-32-382. In one testing case the failure occurred only after some minutes past the application of clamping force, though this cannot be strictly attributed to plastic creep as opposed to subtle movement icra the cable.

There has been a design change icea p-32-382 some brands of 3-wire NM cable in that now they are almost flat like the 2-wire versions.