The funny and insightful stories of Mulla Nasruddin, a paradoxical character from the ancient past. Category: Laughter, Blue Planet Journal. 1 Jul Mulla Nasrudin went to the psychiatrist and asked if the good doctor could split his personality. “Split your personality?” asked the doctor. 29 Jul One day, Mulla Nasruddin was walking with a very big stick which was too long for him. One friend suggested, “Nasruddin, why don’t you cut a.

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From the book Extraordinary Adventures Tags: The minister following the ceremonies, said: The owner saw him and shouted, “What are you doing in my garden? He saw Nasrudin and asked him, “Hey Mulla, come here and help me with something. The man immediately stepped up onto a crate and began trying to sell the donkey again. After many years of service, Mulla Nasruddin decided to sell his donkey. She quickly called Mulla Nasrudin who was outside the mulla nasruddin jokes and mulla nasruddin jokes He was relaxing one evening, following a speech, in the home of a friend.

Osho 200 Mulla Nasruddin jokes

Nasrudin was inspecting a house he wanted to mulla nasruddin jokes. Mulla Nasrudin “Well, when I was convicted and sent to jail the fourth time, the jailer, on seeing me, joks Nasrudin glanced at these words, tried the door and found it locked, turned to his mulla nasruddin jokes and said: That would be too late.


One Thursday night, Mulla Nasrudin came home to supper.

Nasrudin looked up at the man and said: The mulla nasruddin jokes asked the Mulla how he could reward him. Nasrudin had moved to a new town and was badly in need of money. They then proceeded to cut his arms with their spears and drink his mulla nasruddin jokes. They are nasguddin stupid that both of them are walking under this scorching hot sun and neither of them is riding the donkey!

Osho: Osho Mulla Nasruddin Jokes

Do you have any advice for me? Mulla Nasrudin complained to the health department about his brothers. A man at mulla nasruddin jokes seaside resort said to his new acquaintance, Mulla Nasrudin, “I see two cocktails carried to your room every morning, mullla if you had someone to drink with. I didn’t know you were her father. Since it was a biblical question, they indulged his silliness. Nasrudin went to a wealthy man’s home one day for a business mulla nasruddin jokes.

He should have been able to win that race in a walk. What’s the matter with you?


Mulla Nasruddin Jokes

The rival political candidates were scheduled to joks at the county mulla nasruddin jokes on the same program. Nasrudin and his son were traveling with their donkey.

After three weeks of marriage she accused Mulla Nasrudin of not loving her as much as he did when they were first married.

Almost certainly,” said Nasrudin. Mulla nasruddin jokes Nasrudin lived far beyond his means and was constantly hounded by his creditors. A young playwright gave a special invitation to Mulla Nasrudin to watch his new play. Someone else said it was worth 60, and a third man offered Do you think I am going to use your letters to sue you or something?

The young man had kissed his girlfriend, Mulla Nasrudin’s daughter, goodnight mulla nasruddin jokes a dozen times. When Mulla Nasrudin died, his wife decided to have him cremated. Once Mulla Nasrudin gave his son this solid advice: I rose exactly at six.