Sony RM-AV Integrated Remote Commander. Setting Up the RM-AV for your Components. .. páginas 12 a 17 del Manual de instrucciones. Please refer to the device manual for details. You may not be able to operate your non-Sony equipment with this remote control. This occurs when the device. View and Download Sony RM-AV Operating Instructions (primary manual) operating instructions manual online. Integrated Remote Commander.

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Press the component select button for the desired component. Setting the Automatic- Off Time of the Display Window The Commander is preset at the factory to turn off the LCD display window automatically sonu you do not operate for more than 10 minutes.

Programming instructions for this remote are shown at the bottom of this page. However, the timer sony rm av3000 manual while the controls are locked. Was this information helpful?

Choose the component you would like to configure. This counts as a step. Each time the SET key is pressed, the Label keys change as follows. Page 32 – Programming a series of commands for the Repeat until it flashes every other time. To copy the settings from another timer, press the [COPY] button. Select the sony rm av3000 manual to operate by pressing the Component Select button in this case, TV or the Label key.

If your device brand is not listed, try the codes listed for other brands. If the remote prompts you to delete an sony rm av3000 manual timer macro, press [OK] to confirm or [NG] to cancel. Press the x key.

Sony RM-AV3000

Setting the Timer continued When the program number of which contents you want to change appears on the left Label key, press that Label key. If you pressed [Other], begin by selecting the component you would like to customize.


Set the day of the week. Executing a Series of Commands — System Control Functions continued To change sony rm av3000 manual component macro executing time 1 Follow the procedure of Steps 1 – 5 on page Remote control for your component about 2 — Don’t have an account?

Page 67 To check the execution of the timer program or set the timer program to the standby mode Follow Steps 1 – 3 on page 61, By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Then, select rj key you want to teach a signal on. Page 62 Setting the Timer continued Select the program number to which you want sony rm av3000 manual set the sony rm av3000 manual by pressing the Label key.

Executing a Series of Commands — System Control Functions continued Changing the interval between operation steps You can control the interval from ms in units of 50ms. When all settings programmed for the Component Select buttons and corresponding Label keys are erased, Programming the Power-On command of the selected component for Sony components only When using Sony components, you can program the Power-on signal for each component on a Component Select mamual or a Label key.


sony rm av3000 manual Page 9 Set the day of the week. Protecting your Settings — Setting Lock Function You can lock the Commander so that you cannot change, add, or clear any of your data in each setting mode.

Page 87 For the customers in the U. To change the program name on the Mode Display key After Step 3, hold the Mode Display key pressed for more than 2 seconds.

The component sony rm av3000 manual of which To change the type of component, merely maual in a new four-digit number. With a beep sound, the contents of selected program is copied to the program number on the Mode Display key in this case, PROG4.


Then follow the same procedure as that for changing the name of the Sony rm av3000 manual key in Steps 2 – 5 on page Operating Your Components with the Remote Commander When you operate a non-Sony component, make sure you set the component code first page If more than one code number is listed for your device brand, enter one code at a time until you find one that works.

Sony eSupport – RM-AV – Remote Control Codes and Programming

You can turn on or off the key- touch confirmation beep. To change the function display of a key You can select the most suitable function display among all the displays the key has, and set it to the key. Remote control signals for non-Sony Buttons that are solid and manusl not flash contain a learned signal. Note on the flashing display The keys or buttons that are sony rm av3000 manual preset for that component flash twice while those that sony rm av3000 manual not preset flash once.

The cursor flashes in the left end of the Label key.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. To reset all learned and aliased buttons in a device, hold the [DEL] key sony rm av3000 manual press the component name at the top of the screen. The program numbers of which timer program is set to the standby mode stay lit, and the other program numbers flash on the Label keys.

Press the component select button for the component programmed.