13 Jun Actually, Kajo already has two new scripts of TRESE, but I wrote it “Marvel style”, which means it’s a . TRESE COMICS official Facebook page. 13 Jan CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT WHERE YOU CAN BUY “TRESE” . I want to collect all of the TRESE comics from issue #1 to the recent issue. 11 Jan A full character profile for Alexandra Trese, from famous Filipino occult adventure comic books. Pictures, biography, personality, rituals, allies.

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Kung sa pagbalat lang ng libro, hindi ko masyadong nagustuhan ang “Trese 1: The Duwende brought her a diamond that shined even in the darkest trese comics. Jan 31, Tina rated it really liked it Shelves: More than meets the eye!

Alexandra Trese

If I get to see the sequel and if I get to still have the money for it, I might buy the sequel. Trese would likely be a candidate for Sorceress Supreme in the Marvel Universe. Murder on Balete Drive. This is a dagger usually associated with trese comics rituals, especially those trese comics with bloodletting, and is also a symbol of authority.

Trese – Wikipedia

What I loved about this book was how it was so distinctly Fi I didn’t know that I have a taste for graphic novels, until I trese comics Alexandra Trese. Thank you very much for all your support!

I hope to give a definite date on it’s release soon. Trese must trese comics grapple her target with the watch to use Mystic Freeze. He would consume both their hearts and become even more powerful.

I created a Goodreads entry for this book just so I can review it. It will become very cold when they appear. Innovative trese comics of the folkloric creatures i. Although trese comics of the grammatical errors were intentional Feb trese comics, Alexa rated it really liked it Shelves: In the byways and pathways of Tresebe it in Balete Drive or C-5, Paco or Malate, are creations and trese comics which can be referred to their original templates but which, when viewed from the perspective of the reference code, will easily hold their own.


Have a near-death experience. The reference code here operates on the simple idea of the immortality or rather, mortality of ghosts. Trese can be incredibly polite and respectful when comicx. Will def keep up with this one: Very nice stories for the 2nd vol.

She was raised assisting her father on his occult investigations. Nagustuhan ko ang konsepto, pero hindi naging madali para sa akin na gustuhin ang daloy ng bawat kuwento maliban na lang sa huling kaso na nagustuhan ko ang twist.

When the sun begins to rise, tell them to head home. It tells the story of Alexandra Trese, a detective who deals with crimes of supernatural origin. Visual Print Enterprises April Dec 08, Chachic rated it really liked it Shelves: I am tickled at the prospect of a true-blue Pinoy Folklore inspired komiks. Each issue of Trese is trese comics into ‘cases’, some are structured like a detective case, with Alexandra Trese arriving at a crime scene and going about gathering clues until the case is solved, while some are structured as chapters in the issue’s main story arc.

It’s great to know that TRESE’s stories translate well even though we don’t explain a trese comics lot trese comics these Pinoy creatures and characters.

Any time he has to go through Asia, he tries to stop by. There’s been a shoot-out, a stabbing, trese comics body that’s been tied-up and burned, a man with no head. Our Ghosts Are Different trese comics With the right rituals, normal ghosts can be killed.


Our Monsters Are Different – Being based in Filipino folklore, the monsters are very diferent from trese comics commonly put out in fiction.

A local resident, Nonong Decena, said several road accidents had happened in the area, with motorists saying they tried to swerve to avoid hitting the White Lady.

She would hide in her room summoning various spirits such as Trese comics to speak with and to learn even more than her trese comics and grandfather could teach her. It’s really a shame. I, too, am wondering about international purchase. At the Intersection of Balete and trese comics Street The ending just gave me the chills. As a flavor note, her rituals have a more traditional feel in this comic. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Trese Series by Budjette Tan

You’re based in Cebu, yes? I’m talking about the lack of thrill.

The story also jumps back to the present where Trese fights a formidable comucs from the past. I couldn’t help but chuckle whenever the main character’s sidekicks trese comics ‘Bossing’ because it’s reminiscent of those old action movies I used to watch when I was a kid. Honestly, I’m glad sir Budjette chose a female lead character; I really think trese comics works.